There are several web applications available to create web pages, knowing how and when to use them can create a user experience that varies from being unnoticed to immersive.

• HTML is the bones of a web page creating the basic structure of the text. On its own, it is fairly plain.

• CSS is used to organize HTML in a pleasing way and to add design and usability to a web site. It gives the web site symmetry.

• JavaScript has become a powerful web application, which has been used to add animation, site navigation, fill in forms and even create games. In recent years, JavaScript has expanded to being used on web servers and desktops.

The above applications are supported by back end applications and programs.

• Ruby is a programming language with a focus on productivity and ease of use. It can be used to make command line utilities, games and web applications. Ruby on Rails is a popular web application designed using Ruby.

• PHP is a server side language originally designed to clean up repetitive tasks in HTML. Now, it can be used as a scripting language, as well. Basically, it helps the client machine communicate with the server and returns a response to the client in HTML.

• Java is not to be confused with JavaScript. This is a separate programming language containing a variety of problem solving tools. It has become a robust language, providing stability and trusted design capabilities for web developers. Because of its popularity, many people have found jobs in software development.

Using web applications together can create a user experience that is seamless and sophisticated. A user may instinctively proceed through a web site with little or no guidance.

However, when these applications have not been properly tested, the user experience can suffer. There are several ways to test these web applications. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides a code testing application which verifies the syntax of a page. Don’t stop there, though, other design problems or usage issues could be a problem. This is where user testing and browser testing can be extremely helpful for web site designers and developers.